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Brief introduction of the Govah Sanate Shargh Co.

Govah Sanate Shargh engineering and technical company, along with development, and increasing requirements of the Iranian industry, and the aim of supporting and providing services to the mining industry, has started its activities from the beginning of Chadormalu Iron Ore exploitation, and is registered independently at 2004 with scientific and experimental support; The main activity of this company is providing a scientific and planned relationship between consumer industries and manufacturers, and by following “national production and support of the Iranian capital and labor”, considers itself as one of the pioneers of localization in the industry and mining.

Board, engineers, and experts of the company hoping for a bright future have made their best to improve and promote the company’s activities level, and are trying, hopefully, to move toward self-reliance and promotion of their country.

Operating activities of the company

Govah Sanate Shargh technical and engineering company have performed numerous projects in cooperation with its experienced and specialized staff in industries and mines. The company’s operating activities in the form of five groups of experts are as follows:

  • Coding unit and organizing the warehouse’s components and technical documents Coding unit and organizing the warehouse’s components and technical documents
  • Service and Repair Department and Instructions Service and Repair Department and Instructions
  • (The Supplying Parts and Equipment Unit (Ordering Office (The Supplying Parts and Equipment Unit (Ordering Office
  • Technical Inspection Unit and NDT Technical Inspection Unit and NDT
  • Reverse Engineering and Designing Components Unit Reverse Engineering and Designing Components Unit

The main activities of this group are as follows:

  • controlling the documents related to the equipment, performing coding system of the components based on the position of the installed equipment in the system, providing the list of spare parts of the equipment, categorizing the items according to the construction methods and their resources and announcing the lists to the ordering office to complete the specifications, and doing necessary measures to supply the piece
  • Coding the parts and equipment in the warehouse: In this section, in addition to identifying all available parts in the warehouse, a code independently assigned them, so that each one from the stage of request and the supply, until sending to the site and assigning a Kardex and registering in the mechanized storage system,  will be identified by the same code
  • Determining separate warehouses in terms of consumer units, and categorizing the parts and components to place in each warehouse, such as general products warehouse, machinery equipment, chemical and lubricants warehouse, and plant’s warehouse of equipment and parts and production lines
  • Providing instructions to store goods separately and based on their type (metal, polymer, parts with expiration date such as oil and lubricants, chemicals and adhesives) and monitoring the well-doing of instructions.
  • Locating the parts and equipment in the warehouse and providing strategies to convenient, secure and fast access to the product
  • Providing strategy and monitoring the quality maintenance of items in the warehouse, such as greasing or waxing instruction of machining parts, the method of product arrangement products and raw materials
  • Monitoring the consumption of spare parts and consumables and continuous control of inventory
  • Implementing and monitoring automation and mechanized storage systems, developing and formulating all necessary forms of warehouses

This group, relying on numerous experiences and scientific support of other units, through scientific transfer of collected data, and technical support from the manufacturing and utilizing units, and mutually, taking advantage of the experiences of the operation unit, which has a close relationship with parts and equipment, aim to enhance the equipment efficiency and optimization, and ultimately to increase production efficiency. The main activities of this unit are as follows

  • Providing instruction and monitoring the implementation of pilot projects to optimize the parts and equipment, and increase the efficiency of production
  • Monitoring the installation and operating the equipment made by different manufacturers, and accurate record of the operation time of parts, in order to qualitative evaluation and grading manufacturers
  • Identifying bottlenecks, consumables and strategic parts in the production lines, and announcing the supply unit to make necessary measures
  • Implementing and monitoring preventive maintenance systems (PM) to minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance
  • Examining the performance of foreign components and equipment in the system, and the feasibility of localizing them, and providing a plan and suggest to implement reverse engineering
  • The continuous and effective working relationship with operating personnel to aware of the problems of the production and operation process, the problems of the devices and quick measures to fix them 
  • Consulting in development projects and monitoring operator and other contractors, according to the employer’s request, controlling the documents of new equipment and consulting the employer to obtain technical documents of new equipment

Ordering office of this company by taking advantage of the experiences of experts in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, is able to provide engineering and consulting services in the following fields:

  • Providing documents of purchasing engineering including:
  1. A) Developing construction technology and formulating technical manuals

 In order to construct different parts and equipment according to reverse design, first of all, there should be technical manuals or manufacturing technology booklets; these booklets contain all the necessary items to construct and inspect the relevant part, and also items such as: construct map, material analysis, heat treatment graph for metal parts, manufacturing process, quality control plan, the relevant standards for inspection and testing, packaging instructions, transportation and sending equipment, so that by using these booklets there is no need to original sample.

  1. B) Providing Data Sheet and technical attachments

The order of purchasing foreign, general and standard products require providing technical attachments based on available documents and installed equipment. In this field, the company’s experts of ordering office, after collecting the relevant documents and visiting the equipment, try to collect documents on installed equipment, and finally, they provide a Data Sheet for purchase along with a list of components. This process facilitates Proforma controls and its technical approval by ordering office.

  1. C) Introduction of Manufacturer and Sourcing:

The ordering office, in this field, by communicating domestic and foreign manufacturing companies, and correspondence with different factories and visiting their facilities, as well as participating in specialized and industrial exhibitions, has tried to develop a strong database of different manufacturers and suppliers, which after providing and supplying the purchase order request, some of them are introduced as order based on the capabilities and potential of the manufacturing companies. This result in ranking the products of different manufacturers, competition between manufacturers and prevent exclusiveness and dependence on specific companies.

  • Consultation and planning to supply of consumables, spare parts for equipment, foreign and domestic purchasing items required by mining industries

In order to avoid emergencies and stop production lines, all industries and mines need to have a systematic schedule to supply their raw materials and spare parts of equipment. Providing the purchase order request is firstly based on the norm examination of using parts and equipment. In this field, the experts of ordering office by using warehousing systems and software record the norm of consumption and systematically control the inventory of the parts, next, by having consumption pattern of components, their order point is defined and supplying the order is made accordingly.

  • Providing the purchase orders of domestic and foreign components and equipment, receiving Proforma and pre-invoice, checking and technical approval of domestic and foreign orders Proforma and planed following up to the final stages of construction and delivery of the cargo to the employer’s site
  • Providing domestic and foreign business services and also providing tender documents including technical documents, warranties, qualitative assessment, etc.

Continuous participation in various operational projects and functional overhauls of operational units, as well as inspection while constructing components, and supervision of installation and implementation, scientific and practical experience on accurate recognition of machinery and different equipment in the steel, polymer, and also the extraction, processing, and condensation of mineral industries, have created a very high potential and capabilities to technical inspection based on the employer demand.

Govah SanateShargh technical and engineering company, on the basis of this information, and the valuable experience of its staffs and understanding the important and critical role that a correct technical inspection plays in the work process of an industrial complex, has established a specialized technical inspection department, consists of skillful inspectors and technicians in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and electrical engineering. This unit by having a variety of advanced measurement, inspection, and test instruments, as well as accessing to the specialized and engineering standards such as ASTM, AWS, DIN, NACE, TEMA, and IEC has the potential of developing the following services:

  • Inspection during construction and supervision on manufacturing all internal and external industrial and mineral components such as slurry pumps, water pumps, Hydrocyclones, drum filter, parts and liners of Autogenous and Ball mill, Flotation Cell, various crusher, different typical and pressure vessels, heat exchangers, metal structures, Screens, vacuum pumps, and storage and harvesting machines, conveyor belts, lifters, material handling equipment etc.
  • Final inspection at the time of sending parts, in accordance with the specifications of the relevant technical manual provided in the ordering office
  • Technical inspection of all electrical parts and equipment, and internal and external instruments
  • Welding inspection, providing of all weld and welding inspection documents, such as welding instructions, WPS and PQR, and welder qualification test
  • Controlling and performing destructive and nondestructive tests including visual weld inspection, chemical analysis of metals, spectrophotometry to determine the identity of rubbers and polymers, hardness testing of metals and polymers, liquid penetrant testing, Magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of pressure vessels and exchangers, sandblasting, paint and other types of coatings based on relevant standards and by qualified personnel.
  • Controlling and monitoring installation and implementation of parts and equipment, providing installation and operating instructions, and following up installation and operation
  • Providing and formulating all documents on quality control and inspection during construction, such as destructive and nondestructive tests reports, comprehensive dimensional reports etc.

Reverse engineering is one of the best and most scientific methods of reconstructing parts and equipment to developing countries.

In other words, reverse engineering is target characterization, determining the condition of product design, collecting data on pieces in accordance with international standards, identifying the unknown parts by expertized reviews, tests and measuring the parts to optimization, and providing and completing necessary information, shop drawing including technical profile to construct that piece. In this regard, the most important task of the reverse engineering unit is developing a construction plan by the parts. Reverse engineering unit of this company, by taking advantage of the experiences of its experts, mechanical engineering and industrial drawing technicians can provide engineering and consulting services in the following fields:

  • Reverse engineering of different components and equipment such as modeling and developing the construction plans by the most up-to-date drawing software.
  • Designing and engineering services for industrial facilities, analysis, and design of industrial, mining and workshops systems by advanced software
  • Consultancy and providing plans to optimize equipment and replace the outdated parts of industries and mines: renovation and revamping

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